Your Urban Feeling

dear urbanists

how do you feel about your city?

we kindly would like to invite you to participate in our geographic survey based on feelings and experiences that you have in your city.

this is as easy as writing a letter!

just imagine you are about to write a handwritten or digital letter describing the city you live in. you might give an idea about how your urban environment looks like, how it feels. we are particularly interested in your sensual experiences of the area you live in or of a place that you can intensively remember. for example, try to describe what you regard as joyful places or places of fear, or just write about what sticks in your mind about a place.

please, do not hesitate to add to it sketches, pictures or other footage to illustrate your description.

of course, all letters will naturally be treated anonymously. we would only ask you for some statistical data about yourself: your age, your gender, your profession, and how long you have been living in your city. if you like so, please send us your email-contact for later enquiries & infos about the project!

now, what you most likely want to know is what motivates us to ask you for your help?

we want to collect rather intuitive descriptions  – ‘urbanofeels’ – of cities all over the globe and make an exhibition of them that tours the world. we plan to launch a blog of the descriptions we receive parallel to the first exhibition to make them accessible for all of you. our vision is to display how many flavors people in the world use to describe their city.

the urban environment has long become a natural landscape for us humans to exist in sensually. many forms of urban art and culture refer to the notion of this sensual connection between the human body and the ‚body‘ of the city we live in. urban development only recently found ways to incorporate the most intuitive forms of identification of people with their urban surroundings. urban planning to a great extend still does not integrate basic human needs into their proceedings, thus maintaining the problems of a modern day urban existence, which we hope to be able to highlight in our exhibition.

and isn’t a city a sensual phenomenon worth talking about?

simply forward this letter to friends & colleagues you think are interested – and write to us!

we will be pleased to award the first three senders of ‘urbanofeels’ with a handmade scrapbook, to write in, collect impressions or simply be used as a diary for yourself!


letter (maximum A4 envelope): urbanofeel, Postbox 28 02 31, 01142 Dresden, Germany

great THANKS in advance for your participation! we look forward to hearing from you!


the urbanofeel co-op:

stefanie fuhrmann – engineer for environmental protection and spatial development

felix liebig – cultural engineer, architect



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